Season 2

14. "Bully for Parker": Parker puts Simon in charge of his first story and learns to never do that again when she becomes the focus of his segment and is forced to confront her high school bully, Tyler Van Bustle (voiced by guest star Jason Priestley), live on The Dee Show. Dee learns that she can be a bit a bully when Russell confronts her about her behavior.

15. "Man Trap": Parker believes she’s a great matchmaker and forces Simon to participate in The Dee Show’s matchmaking show. However, it turns out that Parker and Simon have very different ideas of the kind of girl he should end up with.

16. "The Dee Block": Dee steals Victoria’s Nobel Peace prize and Parker forces her to break into Victoria’s corporate headquarters to put it back. It’s too bad for both of them that they get caught breaking in and get sent straight to jail.

17. "Giving Up Dee Ghost": The Dee Show explores the supernatural when they feature The Ghost Shouter, a medium who can find a ghost for everyone but Dee.

18. "Lying Cheating Dirty Dogs": Dee tries everything in her playbook to get The Dee Show’s new relationship expert, Dr. Perry, to have an affair with her.

19. "15 Minutes of Parker": When Bellamy research indicates that Dee’s no longer relatable to her viewers, Blake decides to give her a co-host the average female viewer can relate to -- Parker.

20. "How Green Was My Parker": Parker is introduced to the world of environmentalism when she meets a cute activist named Ethan.

21. "Deehab": Parker and Dee agree that they need more celebrity guests on the show.

22. "Dee Mother Load": Blake asks Parker to travel with him to a television conference but Parker has to deal with her mother visiting unexpectedly.

23. "Parker vs. Parker": A rival talk show host announces she is retiring and Parker gets a new guest Booker as a result.

24. "Parker 3.0": Blake sells the Bellamy network to new owners which consist of a giant computer looking to get rid of anybody deemed unneeded.

25. "Real Men Eat Parker": Simon is determined to become more of a man around the studio.

26. "The Parker Prophecies": Dee uses a time machine to turn back the clock and become a teenager again while Parker uses the same machine to get a glimpse of her future. When Parker doesn’t like what she sees, she impulsively changes her future by marrying Blake, but when she see's her future a second time she saw that marrying Blake had catastrophic results.